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Stay in the game longer with Performance & Recovery Lotion.

Play like you mean it. Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion helps extend your muscle's competitive threshold, so you have the firepower to go all out for longer.

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Hold On To Your Power

The sodium bicarbonate in Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion is clinically proven to buffer muscles and delay fatigue. PR Lotion helps you maintain gameface intensity for longer. With muscles not as taxed, your heart rate tends to drop a couple of clicks too, helping you stay in the game and bring on your best.

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Reduce Soreness, Boost Competitiveness

In clinical trials, Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion reduced post-competition muscle soreness. In tournament and back-to-back competitive settings, this can be the difference between playing at or near 100% versus battling soreness and fatigue.

Endurance Recovery
Endurance Recovery

Keep It In Your Bag

With consistent and regular use Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion results are noticeable. Regardless off whether you're a college football player, a city league baller or a travel-team soccer player. PR Lotion will keep you in the game longer and return you to the field fresher the next day.

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Impact Basketball

Impact Basketball

Basketball Training

#1 development destination for NBA players, international teams, and student athletes

With the high-volume training load of our professional clients, maximizing each session and post-workout recovery is essential for development. Topical Edge gives our players an advantage by helping to sustain intensity within a workout, and helps their legs feel fresh and rejuvenated for the next training session. It's an indispensable part of our program.

Joe Abunassar
Founder of Impact Basketball

Jeff Byers

Jeff Byers

Topical Edge General Manager
NFL Offensive Lineman - Retired

Jeff joined Topical Edge when it was an early idea in 2016. He realized he could play a core role in helping athletes make significant advances in performance and recovery, much like Gatorade did 40-plus years ago.

Athletes are always looking for consistency and faster recovery. Consistency means predictable performance even when tired and beat up. And no matter whether you're pro or part-time, when you're training you want the ability to go hard—do one more set, run one more interval. I wish PR Lotion had been around when I was playing. It would've been part of my everyday regimen.

Performance & Recovery Lotion

Performance & Recovery Lotion

Topical Edge's clinically proven PR Lotion helps you train harder, go faster, push longer and recover quicker. Use it every time you suit up. You’ll feel stronger and your muscles will feel better afterwards, so you can hit it again tomorrow.

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