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Less fatigue, more adventure with Performance & Recovery Lotion.

Ski bigger, climb longer, pack farther, paddle harder...Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion gives your muscles to ability to stay fresher so you can venture out longer and keep smiling.

diminish fatigue

Call It Quits—Later!

Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion is clinically proven to diminish fatigue and burn during muscle exertion. PR Lotion helps buffer the acid (often erroneously referred to as lactic acid) that impacts performance and your ability to keep going. You have more power to travel longer distances, explore new white water and throw down past your typical quitting point.

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Come Back Tomorrow Fresher

Independent clinical trials proved Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion reduced post-exertion muscle ache. During extended excursions, the ability to keep going day after day is the difference between a good trip versus an unforgettable adventure.

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Improving Athletic Performance

Pack It With You

Whether it's a month-long through hike, a weekend powder hunt, or consecutive days at the crag or gym, apply before starting the day’s adventure. You’ll feel more power, and the ability to go farther for longer with less day to day soreness. The best part? Your muscles will feel better after consecutive days.

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Outdoor Adventure Athletes Using Topical Edge

Hunter Brayton

Hunter Brayton

Graduate, Waterville Valley Academy
Slalom, Giant Slalom & Super G

Hunter is 18-year old outdoor recreation fiend. When not chasing gates, he can be found mountain biking and water skiing.

He spent summer 2017 in Australia and New Zealand at a ski training camp when used Topical Edge Performance & Recovery Lotion for the first time. "I noticed on the third day that my legs were significantly fresher than they would’ve been had I not been using the product."

Performance & Recovery Lotion

Performance & Recovery Lotion

Topical Edge's clinically proven PR Lotion helps you train harder, go faster, push longer and recover quicker. Use it every time you suit up. You’ll feel stronger and your muscles will feel better afterwards, so you can hit it again tomorrow.

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