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Go harder. Recover faster with Performance & Recovery Lotion.

Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion buffers your muscles so you can go harder, keep at it longer and feel so much better afterwards.

Stay In The Zone Longer

Sodium bicarbonate—baking soda—has long been the unattainable holy grail for endurance athletes. Our Performance & Recovery Lotion changes that equation. Scientifically proven to buffer muscle acidosis (frequently referred to as lactic acid), now you can reach and maintain your peak longer as it lowers your heart rate and allows pure lactate to continue fueling your muscles.

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Recover Quicker Today, Go Harder Tomorrow

Clinical trials proved that Topical Edge's Performance & Recovery Lotion alleviated delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in endurance athletes. When you don't hurt after working out or competing, your body and mind are ready for the next day. So you can continue training, improving and competing over consecutive days.

Endurance Athletes
Endurance Recovery

Add It To Your Routine

Endurance athletes across the spectrum are realizing how PR Lotion is improving their capabilities. When incorporated into the daily routine, elite and amateur cyclists, runners, swimmers, and triathletes can quickly chart their performance improvements. Similarly, those not necessarily seeking the podium simply feel better during exertion when it's applied before starting, so they can keep at it longer.

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Endurance Athletes Using Topical Edge

Brad Huff

Rally Cycling's Brad Huff

Professional Cyclist, Rally Cycling
2016 USA Criterium National Champion

The 2017 season is Huff's 11th year as professional and he remains one of the fastest sprinters in the domestic peloton

On every big training day, I never leave home without Topical Edge. I feel that it has enabled me to handle more workload without as much residual fatigue or muscle soreness. I am able to suffer longer. What a joy.

Jenny Fletcher

Jenny Fletcher

Professional Triathlete

Jenny is currently in her 8th year racing as a pro and started off the 2017 season winning Israman a half Ironman and finishing 17th at South Africa Ironman championships.

Topical Edge has given me an "edge" in my training, racing, & recovery and it has become an everyday staple like coffee in the AM! Thrilled to partner with Topical Edge and have the support from such an incredible company and product.

Performance & Recovery Lotion

Performance & Recovery Lotion

Topical Edge's clinically proven PR Lotion helps you train harder, go faster, push longer and recover quicker. Use it every time you suit up. You’ll feel stronger and your muscles will feel better afterwards, so you can hit it again tomorrow.

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