The power of bicarbonate

During strenuous exercise, your muscles need more oxygen and energy than your body can deliver, leading to the production of acid (hydrogen ions) and lactate, together referred to as lactic acid.


Acid in the muscle contributes to muscle pain and reduced muscle contraction. This is the burn you feel in your muscles when you push through one last interval.

Bicarbonate neutralizes acid. Your body uses its natural bicarbonate pool to neutralize acid until you exceed your body's ability to replenish this buffer.


Lactate is fuel for muscle. Bicarbonate in the muscle and blood helps keep lactic acid in the form of lactate. More lactate in muscle means better performance and recovery.

Topical Edge delivers bicarbonate in and around the muscle, neutralizing acid and providing more fuel.

A lotion to the rescue

The benefits of supplementing bicarbonate in the muscle are well proven. The challenge is getting it there. Many athletes neutralize lactic acid buildup by bicarb loading, a practice of eating baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). However, the extreme nausea and diarrhea from pouring baking soda into stomach acid is intolerable for most people.

With Topical Edge, it's as easy as applying a lotion. Our patented skin delivery technology makes Topical Edge the first and only lotion that buffers lactic acid. No gastrointestinal side effects.

Clinical proof

Todd Schroeder, PhD, FACSM, CSCS and Albert Vallejo, PhD of ETScience assessed the efficacy of Topical Edge as a performance aid in 15 well-trained cyclists in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled investigation of physiologic and performance measures. Applying Topical Edge to the legs correlated with increased velocity and power and lower perceived exertion. No side effects were reported.

Independent investigators at the San Diego State University Exercise Physiology Lab recruited 20 elite cyclists rated Category 1-3 for a double-blind, placebo controlled randomized controlled trial of Topical Edge with a full set of physiological and performance outcome measures. Study participation concluded in May 2017. After the data is analyzed, the study will be submitted for peer review. For more information contact us at info@topicaledge.com.


Go deep to learn more about the science in peer-reviewed literature

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