The power of bicarbonate

During strenuous exercise, your muscles need more oxygen and energy than your body can deliver, leading to the production of lactic acid (lactate with an associated hydrogren ion.)


Acid in the muscle contributes to muscle pain and reduced muscle contraction. This is the burn you feel in your muscles when you push through one last interval.

Bicarbonate buffers acid. Your body uses its natural bicarbonate pool to buffer acid until you exceed your body's ability to replenish this buffer.


Lactate is fuel for muscle. Supplementing with sodium bicarbonate increases lactate concentration following exhaustive exercise. Bicarbonate in your muscles and blood helps keep lactic acid in the form of lactate.

More lactate in your muscles means better performance in high intensity exercises above lactate threshold.

Topical Edge delivers bicarbonate in and around the muscle, neutralizing acid and providing more fuel.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Topical Edge gives you fresher muscles the days following your workout and is clinically proven to reduce DOMS. During intense exercise, mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of your muscles, generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) and acidosis as by-products. These by-products damage mitochondria causing inflammation which may lead to DOMS. Alkalinization with sodium bicarbonate protects your mitochondria from oxidative stress resulting in reduced inflammation and DOMS. Protecting your mitochondria from the damage of oxidative stress and acidosis may also preserve them allowing you to better consolidate gains from high intensity exercise.

A lotion to the rescue

The benefits of supplementing bicarbonate in the muscle are well proven. The challenge is getting bicarbonate to the muscle. Many athletes neutralize lactic acid buildup by bicarb loading, a practice of eating baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). However, the extreme nausea and diarrhea from pouring baking soda into stomach acid is intolerable for most people.

With Topical Edge, it's as easy as applying a lotion. Our patented skin delivery technology makes Topical Edge the first and only sports lotion to buffer muscles. No gastrointestinal side effects.

Clinical proof

Our clinical research stands above the rest in its strength, quality, and independence. Dr. Mark Kern, PhD, RD, tenured faculty in San Diego State University’s Exercise & Nutritional Sciences Department, studied Topical Edge in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial in 20 professional and semi-professional elite cyclists. Topical Edge performed significantly better than control on a range of measures including: 

  • Faster recovery with reduced muscle soreness following intense exercise 
  • Lower heart rate and perceived exertion under the same workload
  • More fuel to the muscle with higher blood lactate levels  

Learn more about our clinical study results. The results of this study will be submitted for publication and additional studies are currently underway.


Go deep. Learn more about the science in peer-reviewed literature

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