Jesse Anthony

Professional cyclist for Rally Cycling and Multi-Time Cyclocross National Champion

Jesse Anthony lives and trains in Southern California when he is not traveling for races, but he is originally from Beverly, Massachusetts. He has been interested in the sport of cycling since he was a young child and turned professional nine years ago. No stranger to the podium, he has competed in just about all the major races in the U.S., including the Tour of California, the Tour of Utah and the North Star Grand Prix among others. Jesse has also competed extensively in Europe and notably won a stage a Norway’s Festningsrittet race. He also is a former national champion in cyclocross.


I use Topical Edge both for riding and recovery purposes. Used before a ride I notice it helps me feel better at the beginning of the ride and delays the effects of lactic acid building up in the ride. Using Topical Edge after a ride or before bed also seems to aid recovery sensations and helps my legs feel fresher the next morning. — Jesse

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