Jenny Fletcher

Professional triathlete

Canadian born Jenny Fletcher is a Pro Triathlete living in LA, California. She grew up doing every sport under the sun including Modern Pentathlon which includes Running, swimming, fencing, shooting, & equestrian riding... which is how she eventually ventured into Triathlon. She also started modeling internationally at age 15 and has never stopped. Balancing both careers is tough but she loves the challenge. Jenny is currently in her 8th year racing as a pro and started off the 2017 season winning Israman a half Ironman and finishing 17th at South Africa Ironman championships.


Topical Edge has given me an "edge" in my training, racing, & recovery and it has become an everyday staple like coffee in the AM! Thrilled to partner with Topical Edge and have the support from such an incredible company and product. — Jenny

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