• Can I still wear sunscreen? Yes, apply Topical Edge at least 10 minutes before applying sunscreen.
  • Can I still use embrocation (warming) cream or anti-chafing cream? Yes, apply Topical Edge at least 10 minutes before applying creams.
  • Can I use Topical Edge for swimming? Yes, apply Topical Edge at least 30 minutes before entering the water.  
  • Where do I apply it? Apply to the active muscle groups for your sport. For cycling, apply it from just below your calves through the top of your hips.
  • Can I wear clothing over Topical Edge? Yes, any residue that rubs off on apparel will wash out. If you wait a few minutes before putting clothes over Topical Edge, then less reside will transfer to fabric.
  • How early can I apply Topical Edge? You can apply Topical Edge up to 2 hours before your activity, making it convenient for many to apply at home before getting dressed.
  • How long does it last? Do I need to reapply? A single application supports a multi-hour workout. Evidence suggests that changes in blood bicarbonate may remain longer than 2 hours. Therefore, pre-workout use should lead you to feel better in the later stages of long workouts. Reapplying post-workout should improve recovery. Scientific articles here and here.
  • Should I reapply after my workout? Yes, reapplying Topical Edge after a workout may further reduce delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following a workout.


  • Can children use Topical Edge? Yes, children over 2 years of age may use Topical Edge.
  • Can I use Topical Edge while pregnant or breastfeeding? Ask a doctor before use.
  • Could I be allergic to Topical Edge? Topical Edge is well tolerated. However, do not use if you are allergic to any particular ingredient(s) in this product.
  • Will this affect my sodium levels? Ask a doctor before use if you are sensitive to sodium.


  • Does Topical Edge work for other activities beyond cycling? Of course! Topical Edge reduces lactic acid which builds up during strenuous activities—weightlifting, soccer, skiing, football, rock climbing, and rowing are just a few sports where Topical Edge can reduce muscle burn. We encourage you to share your story of using Topical Edge across sports in our product reviews.
  • Is Topical Edge legal to use in sports? Yes, every batch of Topical Edge is banned substance tested by Informed-Sport for athletes' reassurance. Topical EDGE contains bicarbonate which is the substance that the body naturally produces to neutralize acid. 
  • Does Topical Edge change my need for nutrition or hydration? No, continue to follow your existing nutrition and hydration regimen.  
  • Should I use Topical Edge beyond race day and competitions? Yes, Topical Edge is for all workouts and by decreasing soreness, you may find training more enjoyable. Regular use of sodium bicarbonate in training also correlates with increased mitochondrial mass and improved muscle contraction which may allow you to work your muscles harder. In a study of sodium bicarbonate use for 8 weeks in high-intensity training, lactate threshold and performance improved significantly over the control group. Learn more from scientific articles here, here, and here.  


  • What is lactic acid buildup? During strenuous exercise, your body produces lactate and acid, together referred to as lactic acid. Your body neutralizes the acid with its own naturally occurring bicarbonate but can only clear so much at a time. When the body produces acid faster than the body can clear it, acid builds up causing painful muscle burn and inhibiting performance. Learn more here.
  • Does Topical Edge build up in my body over time? No, bicarbonate is tightly regulated by the body and any excess will be excreted by the kidneys. There is no documentation of long-term adverse effects of chronic bicarbonate loading in scientific literature.
  • What about no pain, no gain? If I feel better during and after workouts, am I still improving? Yes, some of the muscle pain you feel during and after sports is your body’s reaction to acid building up in the muscle. This pain doesn’t benefit you as part of your body’s athletic adaptation. By reducing this acid buildup, Topical Edge can help you recover and feel better in your next workout, making it easier to adhere to a tough training regimen. Using Topical Edge during training also allows you to raise the workload on your muscles which may create more athletic adaptation. Regular use of sodium bicarbonate is also correlated to increased mitochondrial mass and respiration. Learn more here and here.
  • Does Topical Edge prevent cramping? Cramping is thought to have several contributing causes. Product reviews show that some customers find that Topical Edge helps with cramping but we have not formally studied this and Topical Edge does not claim to prevent muscle cramps.

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