Adam Mills

Cyclist, Coach, Exercise Physiologist, and CEO of Source Endurance

Adam has competed with top ranked amateur and collegiate cycling clubs since 2001. He has competed in international competition, countless NRC races, innumerable elite races, and national championships in many different disciplines of the sport. Adam’s true talent comes from combining his clinical exercise physiology education with his vast sport experience. As CEO of Source Endurance, Adam's focus is on the client. Source Endurance strives to help cyclists set attainable goals and meet them by using a training approach based on lifestyle, cutting edge science, and an unprecedented attention to detail. Adam currently lives in San Diego, CA and works with clients targeting; rally, endurance/ enduro, mountain biking, road racing, criterium (crits), time trials and cyclocross.


The two best practical applications for Topical Edge are hard workouts and recovery. Think about how it works. As an acid buffer, it’ll help the most when you’re training the hardest. Do some high intensity racing like cyclocross, criterium or short track events and you’ll know it’s there. — Adam

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