The PR Lotion Story Told By Topical Edge CEO Jeff Byers

by Topical Edge May 29, 2018 2 Comments

Most of us have already realized the benefits Performance & Recovery Lotion make during and post-workout, but how it works is something fewer understand. Jeff Byers, company CEO and former NFL player, provides insight into how PR Lotion's sodium bicarbonate is delivered through the skin and into the muscle, and how it regulates acid in the body during exercise. 

Topical Edge


Topical Edge is a brand within Ampersand Biopharmaceuticals, LLC. Sports run deep within our team. Our founder is a competitive age group triathlete and former ivy league football player and our general manager is a retired NFL-er. Our other team members are all recreational athletes who ski, run, cycle, and dance on the weekends.

2 Responses

Todd Olson
Todd Olson

June 01, 2018

I will find out how it works tomorrow in the Dirty Kansa, hoping for some relief during and after the ride.

Ivan Campos
Ivan Campos

May 31, 2018

I like the product is working for me only been using it for month

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