Kristin Mayer Shares Her Story Of Building Women's Apparel Brand Betty Designs

by Topical Edge August 14, 2018 1 Comment

Kristin Mayer is a true success story. Not only did she create Betty Designs, one of the most recognized women’s endurance sport apparel brands in just a handful of years, she did it when her back was against the wall.

Equal parts passion and necessity, the story behind Betty Designs is inspiring. Coming at a time when Kristin had no other choice but to succeed, she combined her passion for fashion design and sport in pursuit of creating bold and unique designs. Betty Designs has not only allowed built a huge base of loyal customers since 2010, it also brought together a community of female athletes called the Betty Squad, which Topical Edge is a proud partner of.

Here’s Kristin’s story.

Topical Edge


Topical Edge is a brand within Ampersand Biopharmaceuticals, LLC. Sports run deep within our team. Our founder is a competitive age group triathlete and former ivy league football player and our general manager is a retired NFL-er. Our other team members are all recreational athletes who ski, run, cycle, and dance on the weekends.

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Quoc Vo
Quoc Vo

August 16, 2018

What a great story! I remember following her wheel up Double Peak during the Source Endurance BWR Survival Camp…I can tell you she is the real deal and quite a cyclist.

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