CX Magazine Details The Essentials For Dirty Kanza 200

by Neil Shirley June 02, 2017

CX Magazine Details The Essentials For Dirty Kanza 200

Photo: Ian Matteson/ENVE

Neil Shirley provides his inside knowledge of Dirty Kanza 200 and what essentials are needed just to make it to the finish line. Nutrition products, tools for repairing a mechanical, and Topical EDGE all find their way onto that list. 

The Mount Everest of gravel events is upon us. This weekend, more than 2,000 riders will line up on the main street in Emporia, Kansas, with the hopes of making it through 206 miles of gravel roads in the unforgiving Flint Hills. Simply finishing the Dirty Kanza is quite the feat considering that even in a good year only about half of the registered riders find their way onto the results sheet. 

To read the full story, go to CX Magazine.

Neil Shirley


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