Archangel Fitness Head Coach Shares The Single Best Running Workout For The Time-Crunched Athlete

by Topical Edge June 18, 2018

Most of us can agree that finding time to fit in our workouts is a constant struggle, so we asked Archangel Fitness Head Coach Justin Kline for his single best workout for the time-crunched runner.

“The most bang for your buck is to focus on improving your lactate threshold. Do a quick 5-minute warm-up, then run at a pace slightly above your threshold for about 2 minutes. Just long enough to tax the body and make it work a little harder. Then back off for 2 minutes and recover. You make your body just a little more efficient each time you tax the system, but you don't stress it too hard because you allow it to recover. Target a total of 6 intervals, which can be fit into a 35 minute run including warm-up and cool-down.”

PR Lotion’s ability to buffer the muscle during intense efforts like intervals make it an ideal training aid to boost performance and fitness.

Topical Edge


Topical Edge is a brand within Ampersand Biopharmaceuticals, LLC. Sports run deep within our team. Our founder is a competitive age group triathlete and former ivy league football player and our general manager is a retired NFL-er. Our other team members are all recreational athletes who ski, run, cycle, and dance on the weekends.

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