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  • EDGE allows our athletes to train more intensely and recover faster – critical to performing at the highest level.
    Jonas Carney, Rally Cycling

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clinically proven

In a randomized controlled trial, independent investigators found that EDGE reduced post-exercise blood lactate by more than 15% and correlated with improved velocity, power, and perceived exertion. Read more

long lasting

One application supports a multi-hour workout. No need to reapply. Apply to target muscle groups 15 minutes before activity. Ready when you need it.

used by top athletes

Professional athletes and teams, such as Rally Cycling, Monster Media Racing, and Todd Wells use EDGE in training and competition. Effective across multiple sports. Read more

WADA compliant

Certified by Informed-Sport as compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances list. Complies with the banned substances lists of all major sporting leagues. Read more

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our product. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of Topical EDGE, you can return it for a refund within 60 days.