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reduce lactic acid

Topical EDGE™ is an athletic performance lotion that is clinically proven to reduce lactic acid build-up, allowing you to push yourself harder for longer. EDGE is powered by the muscle buffering ability of sodium bicarbonate. It is certified compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances list.

Apply EDGE lotion 15 minutes before activity to the major muscle groups critical for your sport. One application supports a multi-hour workout. Train harder. Recover faster. Get the EDGE.


During strenuous exercise, your muscles need more oxygen and energy than your body can deliver, leading to the production of lactic acid. Your body neutralizes lactic acid with its own naturally occurring bicarbonate until its supply runs out. Lactic acid then builds up which reduces energy generation, reduces the ability of muscles to contract, reduces oxygen transport from the lungs to the muscle, and triggers pain—all of which limit your athletic performance.

EDGE combats lactic acid build-up. When applied to the major muscle groups, our patented technology adds to your body’s own bicarbonate pool. The high pH of bicarbonate reduces lactic acid build-up and the muscle fatigue and pain that come with it. Get the EDGE and reach your potential in training and competition.

  • Clinically proven

    In a randomized controlled trial, independent investigators found that EDGE reduced post-exercise blood lactate by more than 15% and correlated with improved velocity, power, and perceived exertion. Read more.

  • Fast acting and long lasting

    Apply to target muscle groups 15 minutes before activity. One application supports a multi-hour workout. No need to reapply. Ready when you need it.

  • Permitted

    Certified by Informed-Sport as compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances list. Complies with the banned substances lists of all major sporting leagues. Read more

  • Safe

    Made with pharmaceutical grade and food grade ingredients. Sodium bicarbonate has an excellent safety record and is widely used in food and cosmetics. Read more

  • Used by top athletes

    Currently used by top athletes in cycling, running, triathlon, weight lifting, CrossFit, football, and many others. Effective in training and competition across multiple sports. Read testimonials.

  • Born from medicine

    Made by a growing pharmaceutical company working closely with athletes. EDGE was born when one of our founders (a competitive triathlete) realized that we could use our proprietary technology to raise human performance.

Athlete Testimonials

Topical EDGE makes the hard days easier. It gives me a competitive boost that allows me to push through one final interval or give one final attack. I find using EDGE during the toughest training blocks is most beneficial because it reduces the lactic acid build-up and keeps my legs feeling fresh for the next day’s workout. EDGE gives me an advantage over the competition which helps me achieve my goals.

I have been using EDGE now for the last month during training and racing. I have noticed a huge improvement in my performance and my endurance. My legs do not get that heavy lactic acid feeling. I PR'd during my last half marathon race in San Diego two weeks ago. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their performance. I am convinced that this product works and I am a true believer.

I ripped Mandeville Canyon (famous Los Angeles cycling climb) with Topical EDGE. Felt great and was able to hold my threshold perfectly and even got above it for a few sections without blowing up.

EDGE allows me to not just sustain efforts at and slightly above threshold more comfortably and longer but also recover quickly from repeated sprint efforts.

At first blush, this stuff works. I've been rocking EDGE on my Saturday Bubba rides. I'm out of shape. Too much work and not enough play has put me in a bad spot, creating better circumstances to test this stuff. 

Bubba rides are 60-80 miles with 2-3 climbs, so not easy rides in quality or quantity. Usually, I can hang with these guys early but after every pit stop, the fatigue and stiffness steadily set in as we roll away for the next segment. What I noticed with EDGE is the lack of built up "junk" in my legs that my lack of fitness couldn't clear. It allowed me to stay with the fast guys longer and deeper into the ride. I love it.

I really struggle with lactic acid build up, especially when going from the bike to the run. I have now used the product 10 times for interval training on the bike as well as running, including speed work, long and slow runs, as well as hill training. Each time I noticed a significant difference in lactate build up during training. I was really surprised at how noticeable it was. I noticed much less of a heavy lethargic feeling when doing a bike/run brick.

Through trial and error I have decided that it works best if I apply it 20 min prior to doing my warm up. They come in individual packages so easy to use and less mess and waste. I like that I don't have to worry about any ramifications with testing from WADA as there are no banned substances.

I just finished a 7 day training camp for Kona IRONMAN. Usually when putting in a block of big volume over a week, my body and especially legs feel tired and sluggish. But, after using Topical EDGE every day, I felt I could do more work and was fresher each morning then in past training camps which meant I was able to do more quality work each day.

EDGE allows me to do things and feel better now that I haven’t been able to do for the last 10 years. As an athlete at 51 years old, my body needs more recovery and rest but with EDGE buffering the lactate building in my muscles, wow! I have one more 7 day training camp next week and I can’t wait to train hard again using EDGE all week.

A teammate gave me Topical EDGE to try before a 4 hour gravel race. I massaged it into my legs before the start, did my normal warm up routine, and completely forgot about it. A small group of us went off the front at the start and we kept pushing the pace. Every time we took it up a notch my legs responded. By hour three we were cresting a 3,000 ft 8 mile climb and my legs felt just as fresh as when we started. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I reached for a gel packet tucked under my bibs and slid my hand along my quads: EDGE! I finished the ride in first and could have kept going, and going, and going.

Since then, I’ve started to incorporate the EDGE into my hard interval training sessions and within two weeks I’ve noticed a 10 watt bump in my functional threshold power and can push harder until the legs fatigue. Thanks for the power boost guys! Can’t wait to see how high my numbers can go.

I tend to approach anything new with skepticism but I have to say after my last omnium for the season, EDGE works!

I knew that a very hilly 45+ road race in crazy heat would be the true test. After going to the front in the first long climb, I did a large amount of work at the head of the peloton. Stayed on the front, putting out the watts best I could all the way to the foot of the final 3.5 mile climb. Totally spent and dehydrated I got into my pain cave, rode my own tempo and waited for the cramps I knew were coming. Not one of my faster climbs but I was able to keep the legs turning and put myself 3rd on the podium in the Masters 50/60. Felt like I was bleeding from my eyes but never had a single twinge of leg cramps.

Without the longer ride in my legs, I have to give the credit to EDGE. I applied it to both legs before all races and it works. Simple application and I'm done. Really good stuff!

For the Zia Rides Series 12 hour race, I decided to race with the old man old school team, a group of guys that I've been racing with since the early 90's. Our "old man team" came in 3rd on the podium.

I used EDGE for all 3 laps. I figured everyone would kill me on the run but was surprised be 5th to the bike. Within the first 5 minutes I reeled in the young, fast guy out front. Within 10 minutes, 2 of the top riders in the state caught us started to pull away. I decided that was unacceptable so I went around the young guy and reeled them back in through the rocky single track. About 3/4 of the way through the lap I was right on the wheels of the two guys but the climb started. I slowly lost contact with them but closed the gap a bit during some of the techy sections. I wound up 3rd on the opening lap and had the 3rd fastest lap out of the whole race. I can tell you the EDGE works for me for sure. No doubt.